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    Awakening young minds to endless possibilities.

    It is with great sadness that after 13 years of business,
    Citibabes will be closing on May 25, 2018

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Grow with us. From infancy through early childhood, our programs engage young students in mindful, purposeful play—increasing self-awareness, stimulating creative expression and knowledge. Our programs include: preschool, language immersion and enrichment classes, camps and birthday parties.

2  –  12 mos.

Citibitty is baby’s first learning step, our mommy & me enrichment class for ages 2 – 12 months. Get to know us (and other parents) in sweet structured together time—a comfort zone of family, new friends and fun. As you bond with your baby we guide gentle activities to stimulate physical, cognitive and social-emotional skills, reaching developmental milestones along the way.

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CitiSchool for children
12 mos –  5yrs

Our goal is to promote cognitive, social, physical and emotional growth and well-being in each child. Our teachers possess strong backgrounds in early childhood education and the arts, bringing a uniquely creative and artistic aptitude to their classroom practice. We maintain small class sizes that provide each child individualized attention and gives teachers the opportunity to get to know each student.

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CitiSchool Preschoolers
2, 3, 4 yrs

CitiSchool offers a full immersion program that mirrors our 2s, 3s and 4s program in curriculum design. immersion classes bring language and culture to life! Through music, movement and speaking, children absorb the new language naturally, by understanding, not translating. Our goal? To help little ones use the language in everyday life.

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Child-centered classes and activities are innovative, enriching, and fun! From music and science to yoga and everything in between, our signature classes will educate and entertain both children and adults. Classes are led by a diverse and highly educated group of teachers.

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Asphalt Green, Battery Park

Now offering our popular CitiSchool Jr program for ages 14-24 months at Asphalt Green Battery Park! Our preschool readiness program allows children to familiarize themselves with the routines of a typical preschool classroom as well as help foster independence and early communication skills.

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What Parents are Saying

“I have watched my little boys develop into independent and confident children who love going to school. I realized early on that Citischool was the best preschool choice for my family. My children have been Citischoolers’ from the earliest age possible. The teachers are nurturing, smart and focus on each child as an individual and the curriculum is rich in social, emotional and intellectual development. I have watched my little boys develop into independent and confident children who love going to school.”
– Preeti Mattoo


“CitiSchool is good for the whole family. Each of our children has a very different personality, and they each have blossomed with the positive and respectful ways the teachers instruct each child. We can easily say that if you are looking for a warm and nurturing environment as your child’s first school experience, Citibabes/CitiSchool is the right one. Your child will learn important life skills such as making friends, sharing and respect for others, as well as readiness skills, all the while building a positive self image, and they will receive a great foundation for learning and be transitioned to elementary school successfully… CitiSchool is good for the whole family, we are looking forward to see our twins integrate the CitiSchool 2s program next year.”

– Hortense Gaffinel

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