Establishing healthy eating habits in children can seem insurmountable, especially for families constantly on-the-go. We came across the article from Children’s Book Author, Kia Robertson for Reboot with Joe and loved it. Kia recommends “eating the rainbow” of fruits and veggies daily. The rainbow metaphor works beautifully and we found Kia’s 10 tips to be spot on and think you will, too!

Kia’s 10 tips to help you get your kids eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables:

1. Keep fruits and vegetables in sight: Pre-wash fruits and veggies and stock your fridge with ready-to-go snacks.

2Remove the competition: When you fill your kitchen with healthy foods you eliminate the temptation to eat junk…simply because it’s not easily available. It’s a lot easier to say “no” to a cookie when there is no cookie!

3. Prepare meals together: Exposing young children to the process of meal preparation will make them far more interested in the final product and can encourage them to try new foods. Added bonus: it turns into a fun activity for you and your little.

4. Think about textures: If your child is a picky eater, don’t give up! Consider the texture of particular foods and how that contributes to their aversion. Try different preparation methods, raw, steamed, pureed, etc. See what works and go with it!

5. Serve a fruit or vegetable with every meal: To meet the daily minimum recommendation, offer a fruit or vegetable with every meal and snack. Even better, have it be the main attraction!

6. Keep it simple: Don’t overthink it. Kids tend to like raw veggies. Pair it with their favorite dip and you have a healthy snack!

7. Be a good role model: Like anything else in parenting, kids are going to look to you as a role model. Model healthy eating habits and (hopefully) they will follow.

8. Drink a rainbow: Smoothies and juices don’t only have to be for adults. This is a great way to get their daily dose of fruits and vegetables.

9.  Keep trying: Don’t give up! Children’s palettes are constantly changing and eventually they will grow to enjoy the taste of new foods. You can download “Today I Tried” chart to have fun keeping track.

10. Eat a rainbow:  Use a rainbow as a guide to provide your kids with fruits and veggies in the five main color groups of the food rainbow.  It’s easy and a fun way to approach eating produce.

Print these off and place them on the fridge for a friendly reminder!

By: Citibabes, sourced from Reboot with Joe