As innovative educators, the importance of meditation and mindfulness in early childhood has been a focus of ours for years. We’re excited to officially be bringing it into the Citibabes’ classrooms in a comprehensive way through our partnership with wellness company, Namaste New York. It is through this initiative that we teach young children to stay present, focused, kind and connected. We are aware that our children are living in a much different world and as educators, it’s our responsibility to give them the tools to make their individual journeys successful. Our goal is to teach our young children how to stay present, focused, kind and connected.

Creating mindful moments throughout a child’s day will weave a sense of understanding, awareness and acceptance into their daily routines. These mindful experiences will set healthy patterns for a well-balanced child and a well-balanced life.

Children, parents and educators are a tri-pod of strength who continuously support and encourage each other. Stay tuned to learn more about how our teachers are incorporating mindfulness in the classroom and tips to use in your own home. We look forward to going on this journey together.

About Namaste New York:
Founded in 2003, Namaste New York delivers in-home premium wellness services to Greater New York City, Westchester, Connecticut, and beyond. At the core of Namaste is an in-depth Advisory approach to personalizing programs for each individual to suit his or her comprehensive wellness needs. All services are performed by experienced and vetted contractors and delivered to private clients in-home or in-office. Services include: Wellness Advisory, Massage and Bodywork, Yoga, Personal Training, Pilates, Nutrition Coaching, Meditation, Pre and Post-Natal and Geriatric wellness.