Party FAQ

Citibabes Birthday Party FAQ

  • Is there a limit of how many children I can have at my party?

     Yes, if your party is during club operating hours, the limit is 30 children. If you have more than 15 kids for the silver or gold package, or more than 20 kids for the platinum package, you must pay for an additional facilitator ($100).

  • Is there an age limit for the children?

    Citibabes is best designed for kids under 6. However, we have done birthdays for children up to 8 who have had a blast!

  • My child is turning 1. Do you have a more baby-friendly package?

    While we don’t have a 1-year-old specific package, we often customize packages to fit the needs of your group!

  • Is the playground private for my birthday party?

    Citibabes is a membership facility so the playground remains open for members during parties. However, the club is generally very quiet on the weekends and the party room, bouncy castle and craft room are entirely private.

  • My package includes a “signature theme”. Can I get a custom theme instead?

    Definitely! Our party coordinator would be happy to design a custom theme for you.  Past custom themes have included “Where the Wild Things  Are”, “Mr.Onederful”/Moustache, Peppa Pig, Bubble Guppies, Sports and more!
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  • Can I bring in my own cake? Is there a credit if I bring in my own cake?

    If you purchase a package that includes a cake but you would like to bring in your own, we offer an $80 credit towards any add-ons to your package.

  • I want to bring in extra food for the adults. Is this allowed?

    We welcome outside food for the adults! If you would like to bring in your own food, it must be peanut free and we have a $100 outside catering fee.

  • How are 75 and 90 minute parties broken down?

     We can customize the timetable of your party to your liking but usually 75 minute parties are: 30 mins. Playground, 15 mins. Bouncy castle, 15 mins. Food and 15 mins. Cake. 90 Minute parties are generally: 30 mins playground, 15 mins craft, 15 mins bouncy castle, 15 mins food and 15 mins cake.

  • Can my child’s favorite Citibabes teacher teach a private music or Citibitty class?

    Yes! Depending on the teachers’ availability, we can certainly arrange that!
    Please contact us for details on pricing.

  • Can I bring in an outside music teacher, magician, soccer teacher, etc.?

    Unfortunately, no.

  • Can I bring in wine, beer or liquor for adults?

    Yes, we have a $25 corkage fee. We provide an ice bucket as well as cups and corkscrews/bottle openers.