Spanish and Mandarin Immersion (2s,  3s and NEW 4s Jr Kindergarten)*

This full immersion program is taught by native speaking instructors and mirrors our 2s, 3s and 4s program in curriculum design.  We understand that each child is unique and learns in different ways, thus our classes are designed to provide experiential learning experiences carefully planned and guided by professionals in the field of early childhood education putting your child on the path to fluency and cultural awareness while starting our children off on their journey to becoming global citizens of the world.

In our comprehensive immersion environment students receive in-depth instruction in a wide breadth of subjects including language arts, math, science, and social studies, setting them on the path towards becoming bilingual, bi-literate and bi-cultural.

*Mandarin and New 4's Jr Kindergarten available 2017-2018 school year


CitiSchool Early Jr. ( 12 months - 18 months)

This early preschool readiness program allows children to familiarize themselves with the routines of a typical preschool classroom as well as helps to foster independence and early communication skills. Project and play-based learning helps children gain awareness of colors, shapes, letters and also helps to increase attention span and comfort with socialization.



CitiSchool Jr. 2s (18 months - 24 months)

Preparing children for their first drop off experience, CitiSchool Junior will give children the opportunity to adjust to their school environment, teachers, daily transitions and peers with the comfort of their grownup by their side. This way, when it is time for their 2s program, your child’s first drop off experience is in an environment where they are comfortable and completely at ease. A typical day includes station exploration, project based learning, snack, story and circle time. Early exposure to a preschool schedule ensures that a child gains a sense of consistency and security early on, which enables them to become confident learners in later years.



2s program

CitiSchool 2s offers an innovative and dynamic approach to early childhood education. This program fosters the development of the whole child through a variety of engaging activities such as dramatic play, sensory stations, art exploration and movement time. The daily lesson plans are based on thematic units and also focus on a weekly color, shape and letter to develop recognition. We incorporate play and project based math, language arts, science and social studies learning opportunities in this program, all while having fun!



3s program

CitiSchool 3s expands upon the learning and socialization of the 2s program to create critical and imaginative thinkers. This program exposes children to various hands-on, open ended projects and activities which will challenge their cognitive skills. The children will participate in a “Passport Project” in which the classroom transforms as the children “visit” new countries such as Brazil and Italy and they experience the cuisine, language and customs of various cultures. They also participate in “Artist Series” throughout the year, studying masterpieces by artists such as Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol. These activities all take place within an environment that fosters a genuine sense of community to build and support the children’s ongoing social and emotional skills and development.



4s Program

CitiSchool 4s delves deeper into our well-rounded curriculum of language, fine arts, math, science, social studies, physical fitness, and environmental awareness through play. Traditional concepts are introduced through ageappropriate lessons including hands on exploration and creative play. The children in the 4s program take on a large role in creating their classroom atmosphere as they are now able to speak to the types of activities and lessons they love the most. This program continues to incorporate all of the traditional preschool centers while putting a creative spin on learning. With innovative lessons, field trips and guest teachers, thoughtful emphasis is placed on practical readiness for your child’s future entrance into Kindergarten, as well as fostering imagination, curiosity and joy for a lifetime love of learning.



Kindergarten Program- 2018

The Kindergarten program at CitiSchool provides an educational foundation for elementary education and is a bridge to prepare children for a positive future in learning. With the guidance of a certified Kindergarten teacher, the children will study subjects such as phonics, math, handwriting, science and social studies. Their day is enriched with physical arts, language lessons, music theory, music and movement, yoga, physical education and guided art. Trips outside of the classroom and school are incorporated into lessons focusing on community helpers, the city we live in and the world around us. This program gives children a seamless transition into a tradition ongoing school, while continuing to embrace their need for creative learning and play time.