CitiBitty, Citibabes' newest class series for the 12 months and under age group, focuses on the earliest stages of learning. CitiBitty centers on a baby's physical, cognitive and social development through age appropriate play. CitiBitty will also host monthly speakers with local child development experts on an array of topics for parents.

CitiBitty 1 (2 - 5 months)

CitiBitty babies are learning about their environment, regulating their sleep and feeding schedules and bonding with the adults in their lives. Keeping this in mind, this class uses prop based play to help develop your little one’s physical, cognitive and social-emotional skills, creating opportunities that aid babies in reaching important developmental milestones. 

CitiBitty 2 ( 5 - 8 months)

As our CitiBitties prepare to venture out into their environment, CitiBitty 2 helps to develop early crawling skills. Each week we will focus on developing core muscle strength, tummy time, sitting balance ability and faux crawling exercises. CitiBitties will also work in groups, giving them an opportunity to observe their littlest peers at play while developing their social skills.

CitiBitty 3 ( 8 - 12 months)

CitiBitties are preparing for CitiSchool as they focus on building their non-verbal communication, walking skills and social-emotional development. Children will work on pulling to a stand, cruising, finger walking across soft surfaces and building lower body strength. CitiBitties will work in groups with obstacles and props that encourage social interactions and exchanges.

Please email [email protected] or call 212.334.5440 to find out more information.