Schedule by Age Group

Fall and Winter Mini-Session

November 7th, through January 22; 9 weeks of classes. Non-Member package includes membership. 

Fall & Winter Mini-Session - All Ages


3-12 Months

For our CitiBitty students, we offer a range of classes that promote cognitive development, gross motor skills, socialization and encourage babies to explore the world around them in a fun and safe environment.


Schedule Winter/Spring 2017 2-12 Months



12-18 Months

From CitiMove to Mandarin, classes for this age group promote socialization , build early walking skills, communication skills and creative exploration all in a fun an exciting way.  


Schedule Winter/Spring 2017 12-18 Months


18-24 Months

From CitiArt to CitiRockers,  to language and imagination-based movement, our classes for this age group are fast-paced, interactive and entertaining for both children and adults. 


Schedule Winter/Spring 18-24 Months


2 Years

Classes for our 2s begin to introduce an elementary classroom structure and the vital elements of preschool while still allowing children to freely express themselves and their creativity. From Think Tank Science to Yoga, Ballet and more, we offer a robust schedule of classes that will allow your child to flourish. 


Schedule Winter/Spring 2017 2 Years


 3 - 4 Years

Fun and entertaining, with an expanded array of class choices, classes for our 3s continue to promote cognitive and social growth, while also introducing children to other vital elements of development such as; family and community, as well as global, cultural and environmental exploration. From Me! The Author, to Animal Safari, Fashion Plates and Mini-Architects, there is something for every little one!  


Schedule Winter/Spring 2017 3-4 Years


AfterSchool Enrichment

After the school day is done, our little learners can join us for some exciting NEW classes, tailored exactly to what they enjoy most; French, Spanish, Mandarin, Yoga, Green Art, Author Study, Mini-Architects and more! 


Schedule Winter/Spring 2017 AfterSchool