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Our Enrichment Classes for ages 2 mo-5 years grow imaginations, strengthen coordination, build creativity, rhythm and more. We encourage children to get messy, move freely and explore the world around them in our safe, structured, environment. Make your own schedule. Not a member not a problem, all are welcome.


Super Soccer Stars

Offering classes exclusively for Citibabes members, Super Soccer Stars brings soccer right to our facility. This 45-minute class teaches soccer in a fun, non-competitive, educational environment. Super Soccer Stars uses soccer to nurture, build self-confidence and develop teamwork in every class. Age-specific curriculum uses positive reinforcement and a low child-to-coach ratio to ensure that each child improves at his or her own rate while having endless fun.
2-3 yrs


Toddlers are building their walking skills as they bob and weave across our apartment floors.  We challenge their newfound walking skills with weekly obstacles that are fun and safe for children to climb, bounce and slide.  They will build strong muscles as they walk over balls, through tunnels and under bridges while developing motor planning and spacial awareness skills.
18 – 24 mos
2 – 3 yrs

Kick and Play

Kick and Play classes are structured so that toddlers and caregivers can establish a friendly routine working together in a group setting, listening to directions, and engaging in exciting movement and pre-soccer activities. Class begins with an opening and stretching song then jumps right into a soccer warm-up and upper body activity. Toddlers dance along to the Kick and Play songs then kick into action with more soccer skills and educational games.
12-24 months


For our youngest learners. CitiBitty focuses on a baby’s physical, cognitive and social development
2 – 5 mos
5 – 8 mos
8 – 12 mos


Our most popular in-house dance class introduces children to the fundamentals of ballet in a positive and creative environment.  The students develop an excellent foundation for future dance programs as well as a love for music and movement.  Leotard, tights and ballet slippers required.
2 – 3 yrs
4 – 6 yrs

Studio Yoga Art

A mixed yoga and art class in a relaxed, fun, and supportive environment. Children will learn basic yoga elements through focused breathing, play, storytelling, balance, and creative visualization. All art activities will be open-ended and focused on a creative and explorative process, embodying the idea of “practice.”
3 – 5 yrs

Creative Movement

With creative movement, your little ones will learn how to explore the space around them with guided movement activities to help them focus their energy and use their bodies and imagination to express themselves. Instructors will guide children through an array of games, guided imaginary play, and activities that all use physical movement. Come ready to move it and shake it!
2.5 – 4 yrs


This upbeat class combines elements of jazz, hip hop, and contemporary dance. Our 2s and 3s class will learn body and spatial awareness and the older children will explore coordination and musicality while grooving to fun tunes!
2-3 yrs
3-5 yrs


Animal Safari

Is your child fascinated with animals? If so, then look no further than Animal Safari at Citibabes. Each week children will learn about different and exotic animals and their habitats. Children will create a piece of art based on the animal.  Along with the art project, your child will take home a new found appreciation for the animals on our planet.
3-5 yrs

CitiArt Together

Your family and friends will love making art together in this mixed age class. Students will work on a wide array of art concepts and use all variations of art media to challenge the youngest to the oldest artists in the class. Suitable for siblings as well, this artistic experience will provide a wonderful opportunity for students to work together, learning to develop a sense of cooperative play while exploring their own art interests.
Mixed Ages (18 months – 5 years)

Art Masters

Our oldest artists will dive into the art pool by learning about many famous artists from around the world. Each week the class will study artists such as Picasso and Pollack through technique and artistic style. They will not only create a piece inspired by the artist but they will develop an early appreciation for their works as well. 
Ages 3-5 years


We encourage little ones of all ages to learn, experiment and explore through art and a variety of its mediums.
CitiArt – 2 – 3 yrs

Passport Project

Each week your child will explore a new country with discussions on culture, food and architecture. From India to Italy your child will get a taste whats beyond NYC.
Ages 2-3

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

Is your child in love with anything to do with transportation? If so, then this is the class for you! Throughout the semester children will explore all aspects of transportation from cars to trains to boats and more! Each week children will dive into the different types of transportation through specialized art activities as well as in-class experiments such as obstacle course and races.
Ages 2-3



Your “babes” playlist will go beyond nursery rhymes and pat-a-cake with this fun, family-friendly participation based class. This rockin’ class will take you on a journey through the ages-everything from classic rock to reggae, country and folk to disco. Classical music to Beyonce. Get ready to get down and jump up!
6 – 24 mos (mini CitiRockers)
6 mos – 4 yrs


Join your favorite Citibabes teachers for a  sing-a-long which will entertain through fun pairings of traditional children’s songs, rock, folk and more.
6 mos – 4yrs


Language Classes

Bonjour! Hola! Nin Hao! Join us for French, Spanish and Mandarin classes! All of these classes bring each specific language and culture to life. The class is taught primarily in the second language so that children learn and absorb the language through understanding not translating. Instructors will teach through music, movement, and language to help your little ones absorb the language and begin to practice it in their everyday lives – you may pick up some new phrases as well!
18 months – 24 months
2 – 3 years
3 – 5 years



Calling all “Very Hungry Catterpillars”: Bring classical literary works to life through art and movement in this unique storybook experience. Children’s imaginations will soar as we delve into the worlds of Eric Carle, Dr. Suess, Ronald Dahl, Maurice Sendak and more.
2.5 – 4 yrs



Does your little one have a flair for the dramatic? Do have elegant tea parties, imagine dragons in the kitchen or mermaids in the bathtub? Bring their imaginations to life with CitiStage! A class that uses familiar stories and characters and brings them to life! Using music, imaginary play, movement work and games, children will transform themselves into their favorite characters and even create stories of their own. This class is a fun way for children to focus their imagination and create something wonderful!
3-5 years


Think Tank

Come investigate water, sand, trees, rocks, volcanoes, living organisms and more in this signature, hands-on science class.  Children will explore their natural world through experiments, stories and projects based on weekly themes such as Examining Seasons, Exploring Insects and Seeds and Growing.
2 – 3 yrs

Mini Architects

Do you have a natural born builder and creator? Does your little one notice big buildings? Stack things and watch them fall? Learn more about how a building goes together! Mini Architects will explore buildings from Renaissance, Gothic, Modern, Colonial, Japanese architecture and will explore all the wonderful building from all around the world. The class will construct their own buildings using 3-dimensional objects and even create their own blueprints!
3-5 years

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