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CitiSchool takes an integrative approach to teaching, combining the best practices of both traditional and progressive methodologies. Our age-specific programs are carefully designed by early childhood educators to inspire whole child development. Small classes help us get to know your child—what excites them and makes them unique. And because we believe children learn and grow most from a strong home/school connection, CitiSchool welcomes parents and offers many opportunities for parents in the classroom.

Pre 2s Program

Early exposure to a preschool environment helps our earliest learners build confidence and supports preschool readiness. From 12-24 months children are on the move, taking in the world around them. Their interest and excitement soars as language and movement develops. By 18-months, curiosity spurs problem-solving and listening skills. Children begin to understand words, find balance, coordination, spatial awareness and uncover patterns and sequences. Our Pre-2’s program nurtures this age and your child’s natural development with gentle physical, social and creative play…engaging them every step of the way.

CitiSchool Early Jr

12 mos – 18 mos
This early preschool readiness program introduces routines, fosters independence and early communication skills. Engaging project and play-based learning builds self-esteem and attention span. Activities include simple songs, visual games, object exploration and movement.

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CitiSchool Jr

18 months – 24 months
To support this age of curiosity and discovery, CitiSchool Jr. builds on language, physical and cognitive skills through music, movement and art. A typical day includes exploring new objects, movement, creative project, snack, story and circle time. This “get ready for preschool” time helps toddlers adjust to the classroom, teachers, daily transitions and peers—preparing them and easing the way for their first drop off day.

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18 months – 24 months
A gradual separation program that fosters independence while learning about preschool through music, art, play and literacy. Children will begin the program with a grownup by their side as they learn to navigate the exciting world of preschool, soon after they will transition to being in class all on their own.

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2s Program

A 2-year olds’ days are filled with ups and downs, discovery and adventure, growth and study of the world around them. Language is building through socialization and parallel play. Needs, wants and emotions are being expressed. They begin to listen, remember and question. CitiSchool creates a familiar, family friendly space for little learners to grow, build confidence, knowledge and a love of school.
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CitiSchool 2s lets children make their own discoveries and take ownership of their space. We foster whole-child development through engaging activities and choices: dramatic play, sensory stations, music, art exploration and movement. Daily lessons incorporate color, shape and letter recognition, play and project based math, language arts, science and social studies. We make time for quiet and stories to replenish…then we’re up and moving again.

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3s Program

3-year olds are confident members of society. They have a better understanding of how the world works and are able to make connections to everyday activities. They begin to cooperate with peers and work independently. Full of imagination, they question, play make-believe, and understand simple jokes and games. We encourage our 3s to explore these new skills with activities that challenge and build coordination, confidence, cognitive and technical skills.
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The 3s program expands on learning and socialization of the 2s program to create critical and imaginative thinkers. Hands-on, open-ended projects and activities will challenge cognitive skills. The children experience cuisine, language and customs of various cultures through the “Passport Project” and the “Artist Series”, studying masterpieces by artists such as Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol. The classroom fosters a sense of community that supports each child’s social and emotional skills and development.

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4s Program

By 4, children are ready to take on more. They listen longer and start to understand why, when and how things happen.  As vocabulary grows, language skills are expanding to print, phonemic awareness and decoding, setting the stage for reading readiness. They share, take turns and enjoy being together. Our interdisciplinary approach guides students to become enthusiastic participants, independent learners and creative problem solvers. Making them ready and well prepared for their next steps in education.
See what a typical day looks like.
CitiSchool 4s delves deeper into a curriculum of language, fine arts, math, science, social studies, physical fitness, and environmental awareness. Concepts are introduced through hands-on exploration and creative play. Children have choices and participate in creating the classroom atmosphere, activities and lessons they love. The 4s program incorporates traditional preschool activities, innovative lessons, field trips and guest teachers for a well-rounded curriculum and fully engaged child.

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Spanish and Mandarin Immersion
2s, 3s and NEW 4s

Immersing a child in a foreign language during early childhood significantly increases their chances of speaking the language with near-fluency in the future.  Learning a foreign language through our immersion programs allows a child to form a tangible understanding of the language being taught through simple daily activities. In an increasingly globalized world, we are providing our students with the tools that will be helpful later in life.
This full immersion program is taught by native speaking instructors and mirrors our 2s, 3s and 4s program curriculum.  Students receive in depth instruction in a wide breadth of subjects including language arts, math, science, and social studies, setting them on the path towards becoming bilingual, bi-literate and bi-cultural. We put your child on the path to fluency and cultural awareness while starting them on their journey to becoming global citizens of the world.

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